• Material: Nylon and Tarpaulin
  • Equipment included: a blower, sand bag and tie-down ropes.
  • 3D logo blow up.
  • To be displayed with a base as it is filled with cold air.
  • Custom design and size possible.
  • As a landmark.


  • Easy set-up even DIY, can be set up within few minutes.
  • Mobile, light weight for easy storage.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Highly visible and mobile cold air inflatable product always catch people sights from far away, and can be seen at different perspective.
  • These larger than life natural replicas of a product/brand keeps the onlooker spellbound and leaves a permanent impression in his mind resulting in high recall value.
  • The inflatable designs come with a provision to attach and detach banners at will.
  • It creates brand awareness and cost effective methods to reinforce the advertising spend.
  • Inflatable creates excitement and thus excitement creates sales.

Beginning 2022, Belon Ooi & Wonder Balloons have joined hands together to provide better services to all of our customers. We believe this partnership not only leverages our respective strengths benefitting both companies and our clients, but is also a signature of trust and legacy. With this new partnership,''We don't just sell balloons, we create joy!''

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Japan Green Beans
Japan Green Beans
Inkjet Display Ketupat
Inkjet Display Ketupat
Infltable Display - Congkak Bouncy House
Infltable Display - Congkak Bouncy House
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