• Material: Nylon and Tarpaulin
  • Equipment included: a blower, sand bag and tie-down ropes.
  • 3D logo blow up.
  • To be displayed with a base as it is filled with cold air.
  • Custom design and size possible.
  • As a landmark.


  • Easy set-up even DIY, can be set up within few minutes.
  • Mobile, light weight for easy storage.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Highly visible and mobile cold air inflatable product always catch people sights from far away, and can be seen at different perspective.
  • These larger than life natural replicas of a product/brand keeps the onlooker spellbound and leaves a permanent impression in his mind resulting in high recall value.
  • The inflatable designs come with a provision to attach and detach banners at will.
  • It creates brand awareness and cost effective methods to reinforce the advertising spend.
  • Inflatable creates excitement and thus excitement creates sales.
Japan Green Beans
Japan Green Beans
Inkjet Display Ketupat
Inkjet Display Ketupat
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