• Material: nylon and tarpaulin.
  • Sandbag considered in different conditions.
  • Equipment included: Pressure blower and tie-down ropes.
  • Pressure blower has to be switched on to inflate and display the bouncy product.
  • Custom designs and sizes possible.
  • Various types of bouncing game:
    1. Ball pools.
    2. Basic bouncy.
    3. Fun slides.
    4. Fun obstacles.
    5. Aqua fun.
    6. Kinder kingdom.
    7. Fun interactive.
    8. Fun tunnels.
  • Either indoor or outdoor use.
  • Washable by applying mild-cleaning agent.


  • Easy set-up, within few minutes.
  • Mobile.
  • Safety.
  • Light weight for easier storage.
  • To be assumed as advertising medium, apply the promoted product, logo or commercial messages on it.
  • Not affected by climatic changes even under high temperatures.
  • Low maintenance cost compare to playground.
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