• Also called cold-air costume.
  • Material: nylon
  • Equipment included: 2 small battery-operated, battery-operated fan systems that are strapped to the waist of the individual inside. This system keeps the costume wearer much cooler than conventional costumes.
  • Size: 6 feet and above.
  • Battery can last long for 4 hours.
  • Custom design and size.
  • The nylon material mascot can be washed with mild-cleaning agent, but not strong soaps or detergents.
  • Manpower is needed to wear the mascot moving around.


  • Easy set-up and movable.
  • Light weight for easier storage.
  • Can be applied as inflatable display without manpower. (Lower cost compare to inflatable display)
  • Comforts the user with air ventilation provided.
  • Human scale size costume with product brand shown to expose the product identity.
  • Build up good relation within the product & customer.
  • Custom made to replicate the character, product or shape; walking suits are a fun and exiting way to stand out the promoted product.
  • Mascot grabs passengers attentions and lead them to the promoted item. It creates a fun atmosphere and excitement with its unique and colourful costumes.
  • These easy to wear life size costumes are an instant attraction for kids and adult alike. This inflatable adds carnival spirit to all gatherings.
I-WALK - Moving Mascot
I-WALK - Moving Mascot
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